Product Distribution


Product Distribution

Endeavor Marketing Group helps product-driven entrepreneurs, accelerating expansion into the mass retail market. Endeavor Marketing Group was developed on the foundation of knowing the needs of what makes a product successful while staying budget friendly and results driven. Endeavor Marketing Group works with every major retailer nationwide.

Endeavor Marketing Group has one of the largest virtual rolodex’s including a massive personalized database and strategic relationships with Buyers, DMM’s, and GMM’s.

Product Categories

  • Food & Beverage
  • Alcohol
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Active
  • Baby & Children
  • Hair Care
  • Health & Wellness

Our team is proactive and acts as an extension to your sales department. We bypass the gate keepers and get your product into the hands of the decision makers.

Our approach

Endeavor Marketing Group through its years of relationships has garnered hundreds of relationships within the Mass market, Grocery, Department store, destination location, specialty and boutiques market sectors.

  • Endeavor Marketing Group will target select accounts specific to your brands strategy. Endeavor will ensure that the outreach is made to locations that match the brands overall identity and price points to ensure the product is a fit with the retailers consumer demographic.
  • Endeavor will take all of your brands Sales assets and will analyze and make modifications or enhancements as need be for specific markets.
  • Communication will be constant to discuss terms as well as slotting fees, lead times, production capabilities, and return policies.
  • Endeavor will work through your brands hit list and secure the initial interest from the buyer which will then proceed to review and consideration, and a final decision.
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We were amazed at how we saw results right from the very first month. We were in need of social experts to manage all aspects of our social media. Within the first month our engagement increased by over 100,000% ! We are beyond happy and look forward to many more years with Endeavor. Thanks guys!

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